Florent Goes to Court!


[Photos: Getty; Laura Miller]

We bumped into Florent Morellet Wednesday night outside the Community Board 4 meeting and he was bubbling about his recent day in court. The Meatpacking District pioneer and devoted High Line supporter has filed suit against his landlord in an effort to extend the lease on the famed Restaurant Florent — and he was pleased because the judge was familiar with him and his fabulous eatery.

“I know this restaurant–Florent is a great place,” remarked Judge Matthew Cooper, according to Chris Shott in this week’s Observer. The judge is still deliberating, Florent told us outside the CB4 meeting. If he is forced to close the restaurant, Florent intends to make the final month at 69 Gansevoort Street one big party.

We will be there.


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  2. Florent must be allowed to renew his lease. Not only is the food always perfect, but the restaurant and Florent himself are mainstays of the neighborhood. This restaurant cannot be replaced by another trend-victim establishment that will come and go in the course of a year simply because of another greedy landlord. Judge Cooper seems to know what’s what, but how do we make sure the voice of the community is heard? Is there anything that the High Line organization and community can do to support one of our own?

  3. I cannot imagine Gansevoort Street without Florent. It would be an absolute tragedy if he did not get a lease renewal. Merde! to that landlord!

    Please let those of us who love Florent (and Florent himself) if there is anything we can do!

    Jamila (and Onyx Pug)

  4. Florent has been a vital part of the West Village community as long as I can remember. He has done so much for this area.
    To think of not seeing Florent (man and restaurant) on Gansevoort Street would be a NY shame! Judge Cooper please do the right thing.

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