Winter Has Arrived!

The cobblestone streets and generally busy sidewalks of the West Village and the Meatpacking District momentarily slowed to a crawl late last night.  

As the winter wonderland melted and quickly became a grim rainy day, we at the High Line find ourselves reminiscing about how darn pretty the High Line looks in the snow.  Rusty B is a gal for all seasons! 

Here’s a little taste to satisfy your winter woes.  These lovely images were taken exactly two years ago — February 12, 2006 — months before construction began.  My how the High Line has changed.


[Looking South towards Gansevoort Street.  Click to enlarge]
[The view of Little West 12th Street from the High Line. Click to enlarge]
[The self-seeded plants of the High Line. Click to enlarge.]


[The view towards 10th Avenue from 14th Street. Click to enlarge.]

More pictures of the High Line in winter after the jump…


[30th Street, looking east.  The rails retain more heat than the ground, melting the snow quickly on a sunny day. Click to enlarge]
[The northern entry to the High Line near 34th Street. Click to enlarge.]


[The High Line near 25th Street last January – this will be the longest straight-away path in Section 2. Click to enlarge.]

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  1. ooh, pretty. but i’m more excited for the green version!

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