Gardens Inspired by Nature

On Tuesday night we had our first membership event: a lecture with the High Line’s planting designer, Piet Oudolf. You may have seen Piet’s beautiful work in the gardens at Battery Park City, Millennium Park in Chicago, or at other sites elsewhere around the world.


Piet discussed his theory of planting design, which he describes as “inspired by nature”. He then took us through the planting design plan for the High Line. The planting beds will vary based on the landscape design; some areas will be planted to feel more like a meadow, some a prairie, some woodland, and so on. This variation is based on the different microclimates that developed naturally on the High Line after trains stopped running on it. Piet also uses perennials that require less maintenance, and will look good throughout all four seasons.

‘Brown is also a color’: Planting Design Piet Oudolf Accepts Death

Another one of Piet’s presentations is on our website.

Photos from Tuesday’s presentation are after the jump.


[Piet’s Gardens in the Netherlands, in autumn. Click all images to enlarge.]


[The gardens in winter]


[Echinacea paradoxa in full bloom, one plant you’ll see on the High Line]


[A plan for the High Line.]

2 Responses

  1. This looks like a potentially great design! We need more naturalistic areas which would capture the highline as it looked when nature did the landscaping.
    Are some shaded areas going to be added? Summers in New York are too hot for a totally exposed park.

  2. […] this in mind, it’s interesting to consider the High Line planting plans, created by designer Piet Oudolf and Field Operations.  With their intentional intermixing of species found on the High Line […]

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