Florent: “Don’t Cry for Me”


An update on the imminent closing of beloved Meatpacking District institution Florent, which will soon lose its lease after 22 years on Gansevoort Street: According to the Villager‘s resident news-cat Scoopy, restauranteur Florent Morellet is not looking for another space, but is excited to pursue other projects, including writing his memoir and devoting more time to his art: drawing maps of imaginary cities.

Florent is planning a five-week going-away bash, from Memorial Day to Gay Pride on June 29. In a final display of irreverence, he’s theming each week around one of the five stages of grieving: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

He told us he’s gotten an outpouring of sympathy from restaurant fans for closing. “Don’t cry for me,” he says, pointing out that the end of his restaurant chapter is just the beginning of another great adventure.

We wish him luck on what’s sure to be a brilliant career in memoir-writing, mapmaking, rabble-rousing, landmarking, theatrics, editorializing, farce, pyrotechnics, airport entertainment, Bastille-storming, and championing of great causes small and large.

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7 Responses

  1. Goodbye, Florent! We’ll miss you.

  2. Au revoir Florent 🙂 Thank you for so many years of
    simply wonderful breakfasts, lunches, brunches and dinners. Oh, how you shall be missed!

  3. Can’t tell you how this breaks my heart. I’ve been in the West Village for 10 years and Florent has been one of my favorite restaurants. I’ve got so many great late night memories of fabulous meals there. Not to mention Tibor’s gorgeous graphics. The Meatpacking District just won’t be the same. And neither will Bastille Day!

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  5. I too shall miss the food and atmosphere at Florent. And to know now that all those lovely maps showcased at the shop were of places found only in Florent’s head!

  6. […] Florent: Don’t Cry for Me […]

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