Chalk Shoes to the High Line

Chalk ShoesFriends of the High Line is set to kick off our spring programming season, and we’ll be starting off with a bang.  We’ve commissioned Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary artist Julia Mandle to work with a group of 60 students from the Lab School in Chelsea to mount a performance and exhibition this April and May. 

The kids, all 8th-grade art students, will be wearing chalk shoes during the performance, scuffing their feet along the sidewalks of the Meatpacking District and Chelsea.  In the end, they will create a giant urban chalk drawing ending at the future access points of the High Line.  The idea is to mark the future paths that people will take to the High Line, and generate excitement about the park’s opening later this year.  More details after the jump!
[Photo by Ronald Cowie (2008)]

The performance will take place on the streets of the Meatpacking District in Chelsea around lunchtime on Wednesday, April 16th.  Because the performance will be short, the chalk lines temporary, and the audience will be made up of whoever happens to be standing on the street, we’ll be holding an exhibition of the worn chalk shoes, along with video and still images of the performance, at the Leo Kesting Gallery from May 15-21.  Leo Kesting is located at the southern end of the High Line, at the corner of Gansevoort and Washington Streets.  The exhibition is timed to coincide with Meatpacking District Design Week.
Watch our e-newsletter for more details.


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