Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and Swimming Pools Part I


[Robert Hammond, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Ritt Bjerregaard, Ric Scofidio, the Mayor for the Technical and Environmental Administration Klaus Bondam]

This morning, we took the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Ritt Bjerregaard and several Danish officials on a tour of High Line construction (you can see the recently re-installed tracks on either sides of the planking).

I love the Danes and their use of public space. The Copenhagen Harbour Bath is on my short list of swimming holes I want to visit.


The Bath was built in 2002– the water in the Harbor is so clean they don’t even need to filter or chlorinate the water. Some Copenhageners now pack towels and swimwear in their briefcases. 


This summer I hope to try our own local version: the Floating Pool that opened last summer. 

Stay tuned for more swimming pools– including one that was once proposed for the High Line!

2 Responses

  1. This is great! I had this idea years ago about a swimming pool on floating barge that can gotto different locations around Manhattan for us to swim during the hot sizzling summer months.

    I have been to both Paris and Berlin where they have pools. It time for us New Yorkers to have one too.

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