Work Continues; Soil for Section 1 to Arrive in Early April!


The landscaping of the High Line is one the most exciting aspects of this project. Much has been happening on site in preparation for this part of construction. On site, resident engineer LiRo and construction management team KiSKA are working with Kelco Landscaping, Inc., the landscape contractor, and SiteWorks, a site and landscape implementation specialist, to ensure that landscaping for the High Line is installed with the highest care and attention.


[Filter fabric membrane installed at planks.]

The first shipment of soil is due on site at the beginning of April. Trees and shrubs will be the next to arrive on site, with plantings coming a few months from now. This layered installation process will take shape over the next six months on the High Line. Currently, a filter fabric membrane is being attached to the planking system. This is being installed to ensure that soil stays in the planting beds and prevents debris and other fine particles from entering and clogging the drainage system that runs below the planted areas. Once the filter fabric is in, soil can be brought to the site. An intricate irrigation system will be installed and distributed once all the plantings are in place. In the interim, plants will be hand-watered to ensure they properly take root and enjoy there new home on the High Line. Further down the line, other areas are starting to take shape.


[At the northern spur, rails have been installed to what will be a preserve with native trees and plantings.]


[At 20th Street, the end of Section 1, rails and planks begin to define the High Grasslands area.]


2 Responses

  1. Everything looks so exciting and wonderful. I can’t wait to actually get up in the park and take a long stroll along the entire length of the park. It’ll truly be an amazing experience. I am particularly impressed with the quality of materials and craftsmanship of the contractors. Very impressive indeed. But one thing did catch my eye in these recent photos: the level of the walkway has been raised higher than I had imagined. I’m only wondering if having the railings at about waist high may become a safety issue considering that the park is more than 20′ from street level. While every project these days has to child-proof (and adult-proof!) every aspect of their design, I hope that this potential hazard doesn’t become an issue to fret over. I like the design the way it is.

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