Photo of the Week: Aerial from 15th Street

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This one was taken before construction began, in the fall of 2005. In the foreground, the High Line runs above the (soon to be gone) Chelsea Car Wash, before ducking through the former Cudahy Meatpacking plant.

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  3. The car wash is going away? Really? i hadn’t heard that yet – when? what’s goin there in it’s place? is the gas station leaving too?

  4. The car wash and gas station are both leaving soon– we’re not clear on when, but the large metal sign that was attached ot the High Line was taken down a couple of weeks ago. (Look for a post this week.) The property is owned by Milk Studios, in the building next door.
    We’re not sure where we’re going to get our Slurpies once the gas station is gone…

  5. I know this is the weirdest thing to say…But I Love That Car Wash and Gas Station…it keeps the corner a little bit real. And dance music at the pumps
    is always a good thing. Bummer.

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