From Rinses to Retail, Chelsea Car Wash Makes its Exit

[The Chelsea Car Wash at West 14th Street & 10th Avenue, before the sign was taken down.]

As many Chelsea dwellers, West Side Highway & Hudson River Park commuters, taxi drivers, and car wash enthusiasts may have noticed, the distinctive red Chelsea Car Wash sign has disappeared. It was removed from where it was attached to the High Line about a month ago with little fanfare.

In the coming months, the Car Wash– one of the characteristic staples of the working West Side–will close its garage doors to make way for a new retail location on the corner of West 14th Street and 10th Avenue.

[Design and renderings by Richard Lanka & Associates, for a new retail location, developed by the Milk Group with Robert K. Futterman.]

There’s currently no tenant booked, but in the next year or so, the Milk Group (as in Milk Studios, next door), aims to find a design, fashion, or other retail tenant for this 40,000-square-foot space directly underneath the High Line. Renderings from their sales office show wrap-around windows in Car Wash-like glass. There’s also apparently a subterranean level for more retail.

More design renderings, and facts about the neighborhood– from the sales brochure–after the jump.

[Design and renderings of 459 West 14th Street, by Richard Lanka & Associates. Notice the bare High Line beams on the ceiling of the second rendering.]

From the sales brochure, DID YOU KNOW:

* 73,150 Cars pass the site daily

* 16,200 People visit the Chelsea Market, next door, every day

* Chelsea Piers attracts over 4 Million visitors annually


7 Responses

  1. Retail-smeetail, bring the car wash back….DAMNIT !!.

  2. What Chelsea does NOT NEED is another retail store, OR restaurant, OR art gallery. puhleeze.
    Suggestion: a bicyce parking garage !

  3. I appreciate the carwash and their employees. They do a superb job…pleeeeeeeeeze dont close!

  4. please close the car wash and open the retail stores… i hope it turns out beautiful!!!

  5. Great design that held up through several architectural design idioms in New York while it existed. Who were the original designers?

  6. when they gonna close the car wash..because the have more than 5 month and still there

  7. when they gonna close the car wash

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