High Liners Paddle the Bronx River!

[Paddlers enjoy a history lesson about Concrete Plant Park, opening to the public in September]

On Saturday, 60 High Line supporters ventured up to Hunt’s Point in the South Bronx for a tour of the Bronx River–by canoe. Staff from the Bronx River Alliance guided us down the river past a dynamic combination of still-functioning industry, new parkland, and a host of wildlife (crabs, egrets, mussels, you name it). We started off at Hunts Point Riverside Park, which is part of the new greenway project spearheaded by the Sustainable South Bronx. The project seeks to create a network of walking and biking paths, new parks, and water recreation, ensuring that residents of the South Bronx get their fair share of green space and access to the waterfront.

Members of Friends of the High Line receive a discount and hear about our public programs first–to become a member, click here.

If you missed the tour this weekend, never fear–the Bronx River Alliance holds public tours all summer long. Click here to see a schedule of upcoming events [PDF].

Relatedly, The Floating Pool Lady will offer an alternative to Hunts Pointers to swimming in the Bronx River for the next three summers.

More photos after the jump.

[Starting off at Hunts Point Riverside Park]

[Canoeing past some newly planted reeds, part of the clean-up efforts to safeguard the estuarine ecosystem]

[The view up the river, looking north]


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