Subsoil Delivery

[A mound of subsoil has been deposited in the future planting bed, and spread under the re-installed railroad tracks. Click all photos to enlarge.]

In preparation for the arrival of plants later this fall, a layer of subsoil has just been delivered to the High Line above 19th Street. This soil, part of the High Line’s layered Living Roof system, will serve as a base for the topsoil in which plants will eventually grow. Subsoil is coarser and typically contains more clay than the finer, more nutrient-rich topsoil.

Once both layers of soil are in place in the planting beds, they will be covered over to keep them from blowing away before plants are ready.

[The subsoil covers a layer of gray filter fabric, which prevents the soil from clogging the drainage system. Underneath the filter fabric is a layer of fine gravel.]

[Soil will eventually be spread to the edges of the pathway. Topsoil will fill the spaces under the railroad tracks.]


4 Responses

  1. Wow!

  2. In the spirit of being “green”, has anyone looked into the use of 3/8″ crushed glass as an alternative filtration media instead of the costly gravel? Please refer to NYSDOT Special Specification ITEM 605.12 17 – CRUSHED GLASS UNDERDRAIN FILTER for more information.

  3. […] July 28th, 2008: Subsoil delivery […]

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