Planting on the High Line!

High Line grasses and perennials arrived onsite at 6am this morning. Friends of the High Line Deputy Director of Horticulture Melissa Fisher is working on the installation of the plants along with the High Line construction and landscape team including: SiteWorks, Kelco Landscaping, Inc., The Plant Group, planting designer Piet Oudolf, and landscape architects Field Operations.

[Grasses and perennials arrived on site at 6am this morning. Once unloaded, all plants were sorted, counted, and prepped for topside installation.]

[Plants are craned up to High Line level for unloading.]

[Equipment is brought up to High Line level for use by the plant installation team.]

[Planting designer Piet Oudolf’s signature planting layout was inscribed into the soil and numbered. Sorted plants are located according to a detailed map.]

[Perennials are placed in-between reinstalled rail tracks.]

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  1. […] through for a couple more pics. Also, the High Line blog posted some great pictures […]

  2. Hi there High Liners! If you’re hungry for some more pictures of the plant delivery, we just posted some on our blog, People Are Amazing:

  3. I’m a Canadian writer staying at the Desmond Tutu Center this week. I can see the progress from my third floor window. Having followed the history behind the project, I’m thrilled to see things taking shape! Congratulations and well done.
    All the best,
    Ami McKay

  4. Hello

    I came here via ‘The View From Federal Twist’.

    What a fascinating project. Good luck with the venture. It must be very exciting beginning to see it take shape like this.

    Lucy Corrander


  5. […] through for a couple more pics. Also, the High Line blog posted some great pictures […]

  6. We make a point of visiting New York every year (even ‘that’ year)
    Can you tell me when this wonderful, exciting project will be open to the public?
    Well done, I think it’s a stunning idea. We should do something like this in London with our disused rail yards.

  7. […] September 8th, 2008: Planting on the High Line! […]

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