High Line Aerial Wall Art and Desktop Wallpaper


Friends of the High Line’s office recently got a new addition: a 9 foot-by-18 foot aerial High Line wall map in our reception area. The map shows the High Line’s design in context: the entire line is visible as it moves north from the West Village, through Chelsea, to the West Side Rail Yards.

The unusual view from above reveals the complex relationship between the High Line and its neighborhood. You can see the surrounding built environment as a series of blocks, streets, and related and unrelated structures, seemingly stitched together by the common thread of the High Line. You can see where the line literally passes through buildings, which familiar neighborhood landmarks it nears and touches, and how it parallels the Hudson River. Here at our office, we can’t stop looking at it.

Download your own version of this map for your desktop!

Click the size you would like to download:
Small monitor: 800 x 600 pixels
Medium-size monitor: 1024 x 768 pixels
Large-size monitor: 1280 1024 pixels
Wide-screen monitor: 1680 x 1050 pixels


[Detail view of the map.]

Instructions for downloading the wallpaper after the jump!

Instruction for downloading wallpaper:
For Windows 95 or Higher
1. Determine which size is appropriate for your monitor.
2. Click the size you wish to download.
3. After the image appears in your browser, click the right-hand button on your mouse.
4. On the menu that pops up, select Set as Wallpaper or Set as Background.

For Mac OS X:
1. Determine which image size is appropriate for your monitor.
2. Click the size you wish to download.
3. After it appears in your browser, drag the image onto your desktop.
4. From the Apple menu select System Preferences.
5. Select Desktop.
6. In the pull-down menu marked ‘Collection,’ select Choose Folder.
7. Locate desired image file and double-click it.



2 Responses

  1. […] the High Line may look pretty cool from far away, it seems it looks just as good up close and personal. Adrian Gaut, a photographer whose work has […]

  2. Wallpaper is pretty cool as the view shown here is quite unusual. To shoot for this type of wall paer needs lot of expertise and effort.

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