Northern Spur Preserve: Ramp revealed!


 [View looking north at the Northern spur over 10th Avenue.]

Work is quickly progressing at the Northern spur, a horticultural preserve located on a portion of the High Line that juts across 10th Avenue, just north of Chelsea Market.  The landscape at the Northern spur is designed to recall the self-sown landscape that grew up on the High Line after the trains stopped running. The High Line’s landscape team planted over 7,500 native grasses and perennials in early November, before the soil froze.

Construction crews are now beginning to install non-slip, brushed-aluminum grating panels along a ramped structure that will provide access to and from the lower level. At the mid-point of the ramp, a cantilevered overlook will offer visitors views of both the preserve below them, and of the city beyond.


[Detail: A brushed-aluminum ramp provides a non-slip walking surface between the lower and upper levels of the High Line.]


 [View from cantilevered overlook looking north. The rail tracks here once delivered goods into the adjacent refrigerated warehouse building.]



[Planting layout and installation at the Northern spur, in November.]


[View of the Northern spur preserve looking south from the 10th Avenue Square.]



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  1. when is the first section of High Line opening. Thought media I read months ago said winter 2009

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