resize-plant-o-rama-photos-001[Danya Sherman, our Program and Outreach Manager, talking up the High Line at our Plant-o-Rama info table]

This past Tuesday, we participated in the 13th Annual Plant-o-Rama, a trade show and syposium co-hosted by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Metro Hort Group.   Our best guess is that over 100 vendors, non-profits, and tradespeople attended the day-long trade show, which was a great opportunity to meet and greet horticulture professionals from nurseries, community organizations, and wholesale growers.

One of the main attractions were the panel discussions, with topics like: choosing plants for a sustainable garden, led by Daniel Hinkley; the plants of the Arnold Arboretum, led by curator Michael Dosmann; and “Planthropology,” a talk based on Ken Druse‘s new book about the scientific secrets of plants.  (For the horti-curious, Ken also has a podcast available on his blog.)

We met some great people and shared the exciting news about the High Line’s upcoming opening.  We also spread the word about maintenance and operations positions we’ll be hiring for later this year. Look for the job openings in our next e-newsletter- if you don’t already get updates, you can sign up on our web site.


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  1. Hi there High Line fans! Our blog, People Are Amazing, does a regular update on the High Line’s progress since we have a view of it from our window. Check out the latest post below:

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