Rail Yards: City Planning Hears Testimony on ERY Zoning


[Land use at the Eastern Rail Yards, from the existing 2005 zoning plan.]

This morning, the City Planning Commission heard public testimony on proposed amendments to the zoning of the Eastern Rail Yards.

While the draft amendments don’t specifically concern preservation of the High Line, they represent an important and necessary step for the Related Companies in getting City approvals for the development of the rail yards site. (The public review process is moving forward as originally planned, despite the recently-announced delay to the closing of the agreement between Related and the MTA.)

FHL’s Director of Planning, Peter Mullan, along with Anna Hayes Levin of the Hudson Yards Community Advisory Committee, urged the City Planning Commission to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the entire High Line at the rail yards is preserved. Though such measures weren’t part of the zoning amendments, the idea is popular with the community and local leadership.

Now the City Planning Commission will have 60 days to review the amendments and make a recommendation to the City Council. The Council will then vote on whether to approve the amendments.

There will likely be another opportunity for public input before the City Council vote– we’ll keep you posted on opportunities to speak out in favor of the High Line!


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