Cold Weather Tips from the Construction Team

vaselineIf today’s blizzard has you shivering in your boots, here are some helpful hints from the guys working– in all kinds of weather– to build the High Line’s landscape. Collected from the construction site during a cold snap:

1. Take a pain reliever before going out into the cold…it thins your blood so it flows better when cold.
2. When you ball your hands in your pockets, don’t make a full fist. Instead, leave air space so that the warm air generated by your body heat stays trapped in your cupped hand and helps your hands warm faster.
3. Put Vaseline between your toes before putting on your socks and shoes. It helps your toes stay warm!
4. Hats and hoods. Hats and hoods. That one’s pretty obvious.

Hat tip to Tim Schenck. Stay warm out there!


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