mcdermotthighline[Kevin McDermott, “High Line (Micky) NYC”]

As if we needed another reason to save the High Line at the Rail Yards.

A friend of the High Line recently sent us a rather mysterious tip that we had to go check out Nest Interiors (172 Ninth Avenue), in Chelsea. Not knowing quite what to expect, we wandered in and were met with an eyeful: a triptych of male nudes, apparently shot in warmer weather on the northern section of the High Line.

Check out photographer Kevin McDermott’s Web site for the originals, sans red bar. (It’s a flash site, so go to “Nudes”.) NSFW, unless you work here.

{Now for a stern warning that both nude and clothed trespassing on the High Line is illegal. Trespassers are subject to arrest and prosecution.}

David Beckham, looks like you’ve been outdone.


2 Responses

  1. […] High Line Blog – OMFG (NSFW? I guess it depends on where you work) Imagine that tasteful nudes (well, almost) were shot on the High Line…oh never mind, just click through. (tags: photography nyc) […]

  2. The idea of ¨ Save the High Line at the Rail Yards ¨ is just ¨ perfect ¨ … like this men!

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