Aloha, Friends of the High Line!


That’s right, we’re on flickr!

Need your High Line fix? Check out more than 1,700 photos– including tons of historical and construction photos,  and many shots from Friends of the High Line events, on our new photostream.

Visit Friends of the High Line on flickr


4 Responses

  1. I want to share with you a video on the High Line done in 2002.

  2. I took a walk on the high line yesterday with my wife. We just went up a stairway in the twenties and viola. We walked south and finally met some nice people one of which a very nice lady opened a gate and let us out.

    Walking along it is apparent the design is half thought out and not very user friendly. Sections of old tracks interrupted with a concrete walkways that become fragmented and sort of end in finger like spokes. Meandering along
    and with sections of small shrubs and flower beds it seems to be an attempt at
    urban gardening with people as an after thought. It needs wider walkways and more seating. This will be a magnet for people and they will be strained to fit into narrow areas and the natural plantings will be trod under the feet of people just being people. A ground level park is the place for plants and grass.

    Let me guess, no bicycling allowed? If there were wider pathways bikes would have room. Are bikes allowed?

    It appears the designers were looking for a nice design and people are secondary in their final work. The first fourth of july will be the test.

    Good luck.

  3. What happened to my comment? Can’t you take any
    criticism? The design is a mish mash of tripping points and dangerous looking.

    I’d like a response in my email from the moderators at least.


  4. Thank you for the post.

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