Inspired by the High Line: “The Curious Garden” reviewed

[Peter Brown, Author/Illustrator, demonstrates his technique at a reading for elementary school students]

This Sunday’s New York Times Book Review featured a review of its current #2 best-selling children’s book: The Curious Garden, a lushly illustrated tale of a boy who finds an expanse of flowers and plants growing in the most unlikely of places: an abandoned elevated rail line.

In last week’s Book Review podcast, author and illustrator Peter Brown talks about his inspiration for the story: the High Line, “this lush, wild garden area that was taking care of itself. It was really this pretty miraculous site. And so when I discovered that place, when I first moved to New York, I decided that I wanted to make a book about nature living in the city in sort of an unlikely way.”

You can listen to the interview here. If you missed the readings at 192 Books and Books of Wonder, check out Peter Brown’s web site for information on upcoming readings.


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  1. […] I cannot truthfully attest the cover caught my attention like many I feature, but children in two bookstores I was visiting where this book was at their eye level loved the “bushes shaped like birds and a butterfly” and that the red-haired boy could sit on top of a bush. They were eager to turn the pages and “learn the story.”  Interestingly, I have learned this book was inspired by The High Line in New York, a 1.45 mile-long elevated rail structure on Manhattan’s West Side which was built in the 1930s to remove dangerous trains from Manhattan’s streets by has not been in use for a number of years and was recently restored as a park.  Read about how Peter Brown was inspired by The  High Line. […]

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