Spencer Finch Piece Installed on the High Line

finchThis week, artist Spencer Finch began to install his site-specific glass work in the High Line’s Chelsea Market Passage, a semi-enclosed former loading dock between 15th and 16th Streets.  The piece, entitled
The River That Flows Both Ways, is made up of 700 individual panes of glass, each hued to represent a color of light reflected off the Hudson River.

The art piece has been commissioned by Friends of the High Line with public art superstars Creative Time, as the first of a series of large-scale, site-specific art works for the Chelsea Market Passage. Set to debut in June, at the same time as the High Line opens, the piece will be in place for at least the first year of the High Line’s operation. This art program is made possible through a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation’s New York City Cultural Innovation Fund.

The New York Times’ Carol Vogel featured Finch’s piece in her Friday Art & Design column, “Inside Art.”

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4 Responses

  1. […] Friends of the High Line Blog had an interesting piece last week about the installation of a public art piece by Spencer Finch. I love the stark contrast […]

  2. The piece is inspiring. All the shades of blue and to discover the meaning behind it really blows you out of the water–no pun intended.

    Love the piece!

  3. I saw the Hudson Colors last night, first on the high line, then on your site. As far as I am concerned, they are splendid beyond words.

    Can I use them on my web page? Or on Judson”s? Where can I buy a print? How do I get them all around me?

    Donna Schaper

  4. […] off the walls. The iron sculpture was dismantled to give a better view of Spencer Finch’s public art project; his colored windows are pretty, but feel spineless and manufactured compared with the raw, […]

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