High Line Stories on the Sundance Channel

The Sundance Channel has just debuted a series of ten short vignettes featuring people involved with the High Line project, from photographer Joel Sternfeld, above, to Kevin Bacon, to lead designer James Corner. The series, “High Line Stories”, is available to view on their web site, and will be broadcast on The Sundance Channel throughout the summer.


4 Responses

  1. last year i went on an excellent walking tour of meatpacking district w/a local historian and paid a fee of which most went to the highline project. are there any more of these tours?

  2. I can’t wait to see this–I have to admit I’m a bit ashmed that I didn’t get invloved earlier–but I’m here now!

  3. […] looking through some other “High Line Stories” to be broadcast by the Sundance Channel, I found one featuring Adam Gopnik, New Yorker writer and author of one of the first books that I […]

  4. […] también un importante símbolo social de los habitantes del oeste de Manhattan. Artistas como Joel Sternfeld entre otros, fueron capaces de valorar este espacio tan peculiar dentro de la […]

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