The High Line in Bloom: Pt. 2

Back in March we gave you a taste of the young flora growing up on the High Line. As we anxiously await both the Summer season (which should be here any day now) and the impending High Line opening (same), we thought we’d share some pictures, courtesy of Ashley Burke, of other plants and flowers that have grown since.


Allium obliquum twisted-leaved garlic
Knautia macedonica ‘Mar’s Midget’

More images after the break.



Allium ‘Mount Everest’ ornamental onion
Astilbe chinensis ‘Visions in Pink’ Chinese astilbe



Chionanthus virginicus white fringetree



Amsonia tabernaemontana ‘Blue Ice’ bluestar
Salvia nemorosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ meadow sage
Nectaroscordum siculum ssp. bulgaricum Sicilian honey garlic
Amelanchier laevis Allegeny serviceberry
Sesleria autumnalis autumn moor grass


3 Responses

  1. I am visiting NY, from Sydney, in September with my husband and two kids and am very excited to see the High Line.

    It is such a wonderful use of an interesting part of city history. It’s really inspiring – well done to all the volunteers and workers.

  2. Is there anything growing now? Is it a nice winter walk with views of downtown and the Husdon skyline?
    Where do I enter and how?

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