The Curse of Ezekiel Marcus


Some of you may have noticed an increase in precipitation over the past month or so. Meteorologists have put it down to the high-altitude jet stream that normally guides the movement of weather across the country being slightly south of its normal position- an explanation that may suffice for those of us willing to settle for a simple, evidently logical answer, but for those looking for a more challenging account of what’s going on, the folks over at trainjotting have uncovered a much more sinister explanation.

According to their blog post, Ezekiel Marcus, more commonly referred to as the “West Side Cowboy”, fell to his death off the High Line between Gansevoort and Horatio, on what is now known as Washington Street. Some 75 years later, Mr. Marcus is said to have appeared to co-founders Joshua David and Robert Hammond as an apparition, wearing a suede cap and black corduroy pants, informing them both in a gravelly voice to “leave well enough alone.”

Hammond, a painter, said he was on the phone with the actor Edward Norton, an early champion on the High Line, in his apartment when the ghost of Marcus slipped through a heating duct in his kitchen.

“He told me the same thing he told Joshua–leave it alone,” Hammond told a class studying the paranormal at Penn State in 2006. “He said he’d make it rain every day if the place of his death was trampled upon by the masses. I dropped my damn cellphone and had to wait about 20 minutes before I collected myself enough to call Edward back. Even then, I was shaking like a leaf.”

(Mr. David and Mr. Hammond could not be reached for comment on the validity of these alleged remarks)


Image courtesy of the New York Times

It has rained for almost two full weeks since the park opened. Curse or coincidence?


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