1948 Aerial Photo


The West Side, from about West 15th Street to West 10th Street. Courtesy Nick Jones. Click to Enlarge.

High Line supporter Nick Jones recently sent this great aerial shot our way. He tells us it was taken in 1948, and that the aircraft  (from left to right a Stinson SR-10, Grumman Widgeon, and Grumman Goose) are all NYPD planes.

It’s a little difficult to make out exactly what we’re looking at here, so look straight down from the plane on the left to see where the High Line runs into the Chelsea Market building. The plane in the middle is directly over the Port Authority building, still much the same. Look straight down from the plane on the right to see a segment of the High Line that has since been demolished. We also love the massive ships docked at the now defunct Pier 54, and the little tiny cars on the Miller Elevated Highway.

For your comparison-pleasure, here is another photo taken from a similar angle in 2006, when the High Line was under construction.


Copyright Alex S. MacLean/Landslides Aerial Photography. Click to Enlarge.


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