Vancouver’s High Line?

The Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts. Image from The Vancouver Sun.

The City of Vancouver could potentially redevelop its twin viaducts, Georgia and Dunsmuir, as public open space, according to a recent article in Vancouver’s Georgia Straight. Former Vision Vancouver councilor Jim Green imagines these two overpasses as Canada’s first “High Line-style promenades.” However, others at the City are pushing for the viaducts to be torn down and replaced with office and residential buildings.

Green states, “One of the things that we could do is to make bicycle lanes and pedestrian park space up there…You could really enliven two different areas of Vancouver.” The existing land holds two sports arenas and connects downtown Vancouver to Strathcona, one of the city’s oldest residential neighborhoods. The viaducts were originally built in 1913 for streetcars, and were incorporated in 1972 into Vancouver’s freeway system.

Will Vancouver build Canada’s first elevated pedestrian park, and join the growing ranks of other international cities following in the footsteps of the High Line? Stay tuned…


2 Responses

  1. Sydney has an opportunity for a High Line of it’s own! The Cahill Expressway built about 50 years ago was meant to be a temporary structure to carry cars, busses and trains off the Harbour Bridge and into the city. It’s still there and as it cuts right in front of Sydney Harbour it is a huge eyesore. I think it has great potential as a High Line!
    I need to start lobbying the government now. How long did it take the High Line to get started??

  2. WOW! i am doing research on the high line for a school project and find it ammmmmmmazing. reading through the blog i was shocked to see vancouver! i’d love to see the high line in New York someday, and even the thought of one in vancouver is so exciting!!!! Diller Scofidio and Renfro are remarkable people.

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