Nothing Cuts the Crisp Weather Like Hot Cocoa

Organicoa's Pure Hot Cocoa. Photo by Auzelle Epeneter.

Now through December 11th in the Chelsea Market Passage, you’ll find Organicoa–organic, sustainably-grown, pure hot cocoa.

Founders Matthew Pek and Brett Nidel created Organicoa especially for the High Line.  Each cup of Organicoa’s hot cocoa is crafted with Dagoba cocoa beans (which are sourced through sustainable cacao farms), organic vegan cane sugar, and locally sourced organic milk.  Their cups, lids, and sleeves are made from recycled and compostable materials.

We recommend grabbing a cup and enjoying it on the sundeck.

Follow the jump for a menu and more pictures.

Open daily from 9:30 AM – 7:30 PM


Organicoa 100% Pure Hot Cocoa, 8.5 oz  –  $4

Organicoa Pure Soy Hot Cocoa, 8.5 oz  –  $4

Organicoa Homemade Organic Cookies  –  $3

VitaCoco Pure Coconut Water, 330 mL (Pure, Pineapple, and Acai-Pomegranate)  –  $2

Eco-Friendly Spring Water, 8 oz  –  $2


6 Responses

  1. Iinviting!

  2. Get there early! The Hot Chocolate was sold out by 5pm on Saturday. Had one of their big gingerbread cookies though–Divine!

  3. My friend and I went to the High Line specifically for a hot chocolate fix, but were bummed to see a deserted stand by 7:12 pm last Monday night. It had been raining a little earlier, so maybe their hours are weather-pending? Hopefully y’all have better luck. 🙂

  4. […] super tasty hot chocolate also sports a pretty nice view!  If you’re walking in the high line park (series of boardwalks built on an elevated 1930s rail structure located on Manhattan’s West […]

  5. […] also sells a pretty amazing cup of hot chocolate courtesy of Organicoa.  The hot chocolate is crafted with sustainable Dagoba cocoa beans, vegan cane sugar, and local milk.  Its creamy and slightly […]

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