M&O’s New Worksman Trikes!

High Line Gardener Johnny Linville, sampling the new maintanence trike

High Line Gardener Johnny Linville test-drives one of the new maintenance trikes.

Because of the High Line’s narrow pathways and relatively long distances, it can take a member of our maintenance and operations team 30 minutes to walk from the trailers at 20th Street, down to the Gansevoort end, and back. To save time and help with heavy loads, we’ve just added two High Line operations trikes, from Brooklyn-based Worksman (America’s oldest bicycle manufacturer), to our arsenal of operations tools. Pedal power will be a quick and environmentally friendly way to get from Point A to Point B — especially when Section 2 opens and doubles the length of the High Line.

Johnny showing us the new High Line/Parks Maintanence decal.

Rear View: Johnny shows off the new High Line/Parks Maintenance decal and metal container.


2 Responses

  1. Great to see the trikes are working out for you guys! We here at Worksman Cycles are very proud to make a product that has helped many companies and organizations become more environmentally friendly while saving them LOTS of maintenence and fuel costs! Let us know when you need more! – Al from Worksman Cycles

  2. I am so happy that the High Line is making a conscious decision to buy quality, AMERICAN MADE, and green products. The High Line can’t get any more local than a bicycle that is made right in NYC!


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