Section 2 Construction Update: Plank Delivery

The pathway system's substructure at 28th Street, ready to be planked.

Even on frigid days like last Friday,  with icy winds whipping off the Hudson, our construction team is busy at work building the landscape on Section 2 (20th Street to 30th Street). For weeks now, the team has been laying the substructure for the High Line’s planking system. It’s a painstaking process which involves endless measuring and leveling with a series of tiny shims to make sure the path lies completely flat despite the imperfect surface of the underlying concrete.

Now, with the majority of the substructure (block columns and horizontal sleeper beams) in place, the team can begin to install the planks themselves. Friday morning, workers used a crane to lift parcels of the smooth concrete planks up from a flatbed truck to the surface of the High Line at 30th Street.

Section 2 will be stroll-ready in no time!

Planks wait on a flatbed truck to be craned up to the High Line


4 Responses

  1. Do we have a public expected opening date yet, at least to the nearest quarter/season?

  2. exciting! and so inspirational for everyone else across the US interested in revitalizing decaying places!

    Greetings from Anacostia…

  3. So any idea when the Phase II is going to open in 2010? There hasn’t been too much information about construction progress. Any interesting or unusual parts of Phase II that we should look forward too?

  4. […] In case you missed it, read about the recent arrival of Section 2’s planking: Section 2 Construction Update: Plank delivery. […]

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