Photo of the Week: Peel-up bench installed!

[FHL staff Patrick Hazari tries out the newly installed “peel-up” bench on the High Line. The FSC-certified IPE wood used for the bench is finished with an oil-based, clear-coat sealant that will protect the wood. Over time, the wood will weather naturally to a beautiful silver patina.]

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Photo of the Week: Another West Side Cowboy


[The much-admired West Side Cowboy, riding up 10th Avenue at 26th Street. Click to enlarge.]

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(Return of) Photo of the Week


[The planting team hard at work on Section 1, getting perennials into the ground last fall. Photo by Barry Munger.]

Photo of the Week: Heat Wave!

[Photo by the endlessly talented Tim Schenck]

It’s ridiculously hot today. Of course, on the High Line construction site, that just means things are a little sexier than usual.

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Photo of the Week: Jonathan Flaum


[Click to enlarge]

Jonathan Flaum’s High Line series is one of our favorites. He took this shot of pigeons and the Church of the Guardian Angel in 2005, before construction on the High Line had begun.  Check out his Web site for more High Line pics.

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Photo of the Week: Summer Sunset

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Summer is just around the corner, or so this 80-degree day would have us believe. Above, sunset at the rail yards, last summer. It’s hard to beat that golden light filtering through the smog over New Jersey.

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Photo of the Week: Aerial from 15th Street

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This one was taken before construction began, in the fall of 2005. In the foreground, the High Line runs above the (soon to be gone) Chelsea Car Wash, before ducking through the former Cudahy Meatpacking plant.

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