Busy Sunday on the High Line!

10th Avenue Square[Visitors watch the traffic below from the ramped seating at the 10th Avenue Square]

Despite the clouds, the High Line has welcomed thousands of visitors so far today, during the first weekend that Section 1 has been open.

Chelsea Grasslands, 18th - 20th Streets

[The Chelsea Grasslands, 18th – 20th Streets]

We’re thrilled to see so many people enjoying the park!  For these first few weeks, while we’re anticipating a high volume of visitors, the main entry point to the High Line will be the “slow stair” at Gansevoort Street.  On especially busy days, there may be a wait to enter if the park reaches its capacity, but we hope our visitors will come back again and again.

A Little Rain Never Hurt Anybody

Today’s blog post was guest written by one of our new Greeters, Claudia Berger.

Today I was on the High Line for its first morning in operation. I was very impressed by how determined people were to see it– not even the rain could stop them. Visitors braved the rain, but none of them felt it wasn’t worth it. The morning attracted not only die-hard fans of the High Line, but some curious opponents. However, even in the rain, they could not help but enjoy it. One visitor told me she was determined to hate the High Line, but spent her time up there in awe. She loved it, rain and all.

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Opening Day on the High Line!

[Staying cool at the Sundeck water feature near 16th Street this afternoon]
Today’s blog post was guest written by one of our new Greeters, Claudia Berger.

Today’s ribbon-cutting ceremony with  Mayor Bloomberg marked the unofficial opening day on the High Line. (The official opening day is tomorrow, Tuesday June 9th, when the park will be open for its first full day, from 7:00am – 10:00pm.) Once the ribbon was cut, the High Line saw its first visitors as the public came up.

I spent the first afternoon on the High Line acting as a Greeter, one of several Friends of the High Line volunteers who walk along the High Line answering any questions visitors might have. When you go up on the High Line, seek us out– you can identify us by our gray t-shirts with the green High Line logo. Most of the questions I was asked today were about the water feature near the 16th Street access point. As the day went on and got sunnier, this became an increasingly popular place to sit, so I spent a lot of time there talking to visitors.

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